Resources and Networking

 Mennonite Japanese Christian Fellowship is part of a larger community of faith. 
Here are a few of the organizations to which we belong, as well as some other connections.

Our faith community, made up of groups throughout British Columbia.  The churches worship in various languages, including Cantonese, English, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Our national church community, made up of over 200 congregations, worshipping in 16 different languages.

Mennonite World Conference

Our world-wide church, this faith community includes 2.13 million baptized believers in 86 countries.

Our neighbours south of the border. MC USA is the largest Mennonite denomination in the United States with 16 conferences, approximately 530 congregations and 62,000 members. 

CommonWord provides a rich collection of books, audio and video materials, and downloadable resources.  Many of these are free to access, and are available in multiple languages.  Explore almost 12,000 resources related to topics such as Christian faith, Anabaptist/Mennonite perspectives, peace and reconciliation. 

A large organization that works for relief, development, and peace, both locally and throughout the world.  MCC partners with many different organizations.

A network of Mennonite and related churches in Japan.


An evangelical Christian network that supports Japanese Christians and seekers of God who move from Japan to North America and back again.  They are a good resource for those who are looking for Christian connections.

A network of Japanese churches of various denominations, spread across Canada.

Canadian Council of Churches

The broadest and most inclusive ecumenical body in Canada and in the world, representing 25 denominations of Anglican, Evangelical, Free Church, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic traditions. It represents more than 85% of the Christians in Canada

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is a national evangelical alliance, member of the World Evangelical Alliance. Its affiliates comprise 42 evangelical Christian denominations, 64 Christian organizations, 38 educational institutions, and 700 local church congregations in Canada.